Forever In Convers..


When I was swimming in college, every year the parents would get us a gift before conference (at the time it was PAC 10′s, now it’s PAC 12′s). My junior year the parents  gave all the girls a red pair of converse. It was an amazing feeling walking into the pool as a team and the matching footwear was the cherry on top. Even though two pregnancies have taken their toll on these size 6 feet, they still fit. I wear these babies whenever I get the chance.

Now….since I’ve got this “no pants for lent thing” going on, I had to figure out how to still wear my chucks! Then I remembered a really cute dress from Urban Outfitters that was hanging out in my closet and decided it was just asking to be worn with my converse.

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCI love the cut and flare of this dress! It hides my pregnancy “leftovers” pretty well.

Unfortunately Urban only has one pattern and one size left in this dress that you can find here. If you’re curious about the length, I’m 5’6. Hopefully that helps because the model on the website must be a giant. For similar dresses see here, here, and here.

I will wear these shoes until they have holes. And then I’ll buy a new pair and pretend they’re the same pair. You know. The old dead goldfish swap.

Well on that delightful note…. Time for another cup of coffee. Woot!

Summer Weddings


Short little post this morning to go with your cup of coffee! We are finally feeling normal again after the craziness that was this weekend. Andrew worked a half day yesterday which meant the boys were totally off schedule and that meant I was off schedule too haha. But it was nice because Andrew watched the boys while I ran some errands. I am so ridiculously fast when I don’t have the boys with me! I swear I did everything in record time.

Anywho… just wanted to take some time this morning and share with you a couple wedding invites we received in the mail recently. Both invites are very different but reflect the two couples well. These invites came within a day of each other and I am super excited for May and June! With so many options out there it is fun to see the type of invites that a couple decides on.


 This first invite is so classic and elegant! I felt super important opening the envelope haha. The blush pink paired with the black is just so stunning!


This invite is so cute! My favorite part is the response card which includes some fun ad libs for the the bride and groom to read! And how adorable is the bicycle for two?! Love it.

Let the fun begin!

Easter Brunch Trea..




One of my favorite memories growing up is Easter brunch. Since I can remember (3? 4?) every Easter is celebrated with a big brunch. Sometimes we would go to a resort for brunch and sometimes we would just make it at home as a family. When we were living in San Antonio we would always go to the Hill Country Hyatt. After eating we would walk the grounds of the resort and just enjoy the day as a family. The Hyatt has a giant lazy river and every year we would try to convince my parents to let us just jump in and swim. Finally, it was our last year in San Antonio and my grandparents flew in to celebrate Easter with us. After our annual brunch my parents surprised us by announcing that we would get the spend the rest of the day at the pool. Such a sweet memory.

Another year there was someone dressed as a giant Easter bunny walking around greeting guests. My younger sister Gabriela was terrified. I mean absolutely positively terrified of that giant bunny. Looking back at the pictures from that day I can understand her horror a little better. Then when I was in high school, we started making our own big Easter brunches at home. Just so many wonderful memories! Like my Dad going out to buy a waffle iron just so we could have waffles at our brunch. I hope to give my family the same kind of precious memories…

That is why I was so excited when Treat sent me an email about styling some cards! They provided some beautiful cards that I used to create a center piece and decorate the serving table with. This shoot was so much fun. Most of the pictures were taken during nap time but as soon as the boys were awake, I pulled them into the shenanigans!








I seriously had way too much fun putting this together! What a wonderful way to celebrate Easter! Putting all of this together was so easy. Again, everything I did was easily achieved during nap time. I’ll have a “behind the scenes” post about the brunch soon, but for now, here is where you can find what I used…

Cards -Treat

Frames and Bottles (spray painted gold) – Michaels

Flowers – Michaels

Garland (front of the table) – Studio Mucci

Party Decor – Oh Joy for Target


*All ideas and opinions in the post are completely my own. The cards were c/o Treat. Thank you for supporting the companies that support me!*

Five Favorites Vol..


This no shopping for Lent thing is killing me….. Does that mean I’m doing it right? Anyway, for my Five Favorites I picked out things I currently have my eye on. Am I going to buy ALL the things after Easter? No that would be silly. Just consider this my current wish list. Items will be crossed off at a reasonable rate haha. Pictures are linked to their lovely sources!

1) Nap Time Diaries.

Slide1_8fa96db6-b629-4ef0-8aaf-6de0515f564d_largeI love this print. The verse, the colors, everything!

2) Tulle!!Screen_shot_2014-03-03_at_12.57.22_PM_1024x1024Isn’t this peachy color amazing! The yellow and lavender have also stolen my heart…

3) Sandals.

SandalsIn Arizona you’re wearing sandals 10 months out of the year. Needless to say, my current sandals are worn thin and now it’s time to pick out a pair for SuMmEr 2o14! #memz #love (<– Joking about that last part. I hope you knew that but just in case you didn’t…)

4. Coffee Mugs.mugsThese beauties are on sale over at Anthro. I really want to mix up my mugs. Right now all my coffee cups are boring. I want some colorful ones for my Instagram pictures duh! (<–Not kidding).

5) Kimonos!

KimonoMy sister and I were joking about how when we see a kimono we automatically think of Mia Thermopolis’ mother from Princess Diaries. Any one else get that reference? Anyone? Buller? I really want one! Or five.

Ok. Back to work! I have a really big post going live tomorrow that you don’t want to miss!!! Oh and don’t forget to stop by and say hi to Hallie!

The After Party

photo 1

photo 2

I remember when I found out I was pregnant with Peter. I was finishing up my last year in college and enjoying being a newlywed. Andrew was out of town for the weekend and I was super nervous about staying at our condo by myself. I made myself macaroni, put on hulu and enjoyed a glass of wine. Before going to bed I decided to take a test just for fun. I figured it would probably be too early to tell but something was really pulling me to take a test.


I couldn’t believe it. I cried. I laughed. I took pictures of the test, afraid that somehow in the morning when I woke up it would all be dream….Though I had seen my mom pregnant seven times before, it was so different experiencing it myself. The mind blowing thought that a little person was growing inside of me just rocked my world. Andrew and I did the pictures with a cute little chalk board announcement and the hands making a heart over my belly. We were on a fluffy cloud 9. Then a little while later, we were holding our little baby Peter. I will never forget bringing him home. My heart was so full of joy.

Fast forward to now. My heart is still filled with joy! But… My kitchen is dirty, I’m behind on laundry (yet I find time to blog), I’m constantly crunching cheerios when I walk across the floor and oh yeah we have another baby haha. Life is crazy but it is good. Everyday brings struggles, but with the struggles come the giggles and the smiles. This my friends, is the pregnancy after party.

The after party is fun but you’re pretty tired from the previous festivities. It’s hazy and you just want to sleep but at the same time you’re afraid to miss something special. You get caffeine in your system in hopes to push through the fatigue. You want to just go home but your friends encourage you to stay but they’re actually dying to crawl into bed too. People are crying and screaming and you have no idea why. Everyone seems to have a case of the munchies and it’s all you can do to not stuff their faces (and yours) with Taco Bell. However, in the end you’re glad that you went. Glad that you came away with the memories. Before you know it… You’ll be ready to do it all over again.

Motherhood is messy. It comes in all shapes and sizes too. Working moms, stay at home moms, work from home moms, part time working moms etc. You get the idea. But either way…it gets hard. I know I say this a lot but it’s true… it’s ok to struggle. It’s ok if your house looks like it was hit by a tornado or if the dirty laundry pile resembles Mt. Everest. Even if the sticky floors of college days long past come back to haunt your kitchen, it’s ok. Take a deep breath. Tackle one thing at a time and remember that you can do anything and everything. From the small things to the big things. You can do it. It gets tough, but you are strong.

You are enough.

Now enjoy that after party.

What I Wore Sunday


Tile floors are the worst. On Friday night Peter dove off the side of the couch and got himself a GIANT goose egg. It looked cartoonish it was so big. I’m sure if we had carpet it wouldn’t have been much better but still. Tile can be so unforgiving. However, today I was extremely grateful for the tile. I won’t get into too much detail but let’s just say one of the boys had an explosive diaper and well….it was bad. Like toxic bad. Thankfully, it was easily cleaned off the tile. If we didn’t have tile, I think I’d be asking Andrew for new carpet. ASAP. Ok end rant/praise of tile floor.

Yeah so that pretty much sums up the weekend we had. Crazy craziness. Blog projects, house projects, church projects and of course family time in between all the chaos.

So many exciting things are happening! In case you missed it, my sister and I started on a super fun blogging adventure that you can see here! THEN, I have a super awesome blog post coming later this week! I am really looking forward to sharing my recent project with you (no I’m not pregnant). My husband’s youth group has retreat this weekend, and then easter (!!!), and then Starry Night! So things won’t be slowing down until May…And then wedding season! Gah, can’t think that far ahead! Time to take a deep breath and focus on the present moment.

Though everything was nuts I still wanted to make sure I could join in on the What I Wore Sunday link up! It’s been too long haha.

SONY DSC SONY DSC Dress//ModCloth, Headband//Oh Sweet Joy
SONY DSC SONY DSCHave a wonderful Monday!

I hope your to-do list gets it’s butt kicked.

Mar Baby Musings



Growing up my sister Marisa and I didn’t get along super well. I think it was because we are so much alike that we just couldn’t handle it. She had to do everything I did. She knew how to push all the right buttons and I unfortunately knew just how to bring her down. Thankfully with time, we have become very very close. Marisa is on of my best friends and I have NO IDEA what I’m going to do without her next year when she goes to college. Anyway…. these days we combine our super powers and just be amazing together. Which is why we have decided to do our first collaboration between our two blogs!

We will be doing a series of posts called “Mar Baby Musings”. What is a Mar Baby? Well… in our family we are basically divided into two categories. Some of the siblings take more after our mom and some of us take more after our dad. The Mar Babies take after our dad. A Mar Baby loves food and….um… and…that’s pretty much our biggest trait haha. No but seriously Mar Babies all have pretty similar personality. Plus, we all have “Mar” somewhere. My middle name is Marie, Marisa was born in March, Liliana (one of younger sisters) was born in March, and well, you get the idea. If you’re totally lost it’s fine. Just nod your head and smile.

So what will be in these posts? Marisa and I will be exploring fun local finds. I’ll cover the places and she’ll cover the outfit details on her blog! Our first little find was Savaya coffee. They have a few locations here in Tucson but we stopped at the one at La Encantada. The service was friendly and the atmosphere was calming. There isn’t a ton of space to sit inside but Marisa and I enjoyed sitting on the patio. The coffee was rich and strong. Marisa ordered an iced Moroccan Mint green tea that smelled amazing and tasted cool and refreshing. What I really liked was that you can watch them prepare your drink. The counter is low and the space is open so you get to see them craft your coffee or tea with great care.

You should certainly add Savaya to your list of places to try here in Tucson. I’m sure Marisa and I could’ve spent all afternoon on that patio!



SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCDon’t forget you can find all the outfit details over at ABM!

Big thanks to Savaya for letting us barge in and take pictures of everything!!!

Five Favorites Vol..


I’ve always loved taking pictures. Lately I’ve been trying to improve my photography skills on both my camera and my phone. Not trying to make a career out of it, I just want to make my pictures better for photo albums! And let’s be real…for right here on the blog too!

The past few weeks I’ve been playing around with black and white. Most of the time I’ll just make a picture black and white when I didn’t like how it looked in color. And that’s fine but I wanted to challenge myself. So I decided to start taking pictures with the purpose of making them black and white.

These five pictures are my current favorite black and white photos. Linking up with Hallie of course! Oh and these were done on my iPhone btw.

1) Light.


2) Lines.IMG_3952

3) Life.

photo 1

4) 2

5) 3

Have a wonderful Wednesday friends!

Inspiration Boards


I love Pinterest. I remember when my sister Marisa (over at ABM) first showed it to me. I thought it was super confusing and dumb.

Then I figured it out.

I am just so thankful that I didn’t know about it while I was planning my wedding. Pinterest is great but it’s easy to get caught up in wishing for what you don’t have and feeling bad that nothing about your house is “Pinterest Perfect”. When I’m on Pinterest I just try to keep some perspective. Just because I pin cute outfits, trendy offices, cozy spaces and quotes with oceans in the background, does NOT reflect my everyday life. And that’s ok! Pinterest is just as simple as it is made out to be. It is an online idea/inspiration board and nothing more. If it starts to make me feel down or if I get caught playing the comparison game, I stop.

So although it is a ton of fun to just “pin” the day away, I decided to actually do a real life inspiration board. I wanted something that makes me excited for spring and images that will help inspire blog posts, parties and outfits. I hate throwing away magazines and this is a great way to save my favorite pictures. Will I still have these same images come Christmas 2014? Probably. But for now I will enjoy the little project I managed to squeeze in during nap time.


Happy April!