Into Holy Week//What Defines Us



If you were to close your eyes and think about your life, I’m sure there are moments that stick out. Moments that changed you as a person. Moments that shaped your inner core. Moments that define who you are. These moments come in many different forms. Some of them are joyful and some of them are filled with sorrow. Either way, these moments have affected us in more ways than one. I know that these defining points in our lives come from something outside ourselves and contribute to a much greater picture. They are the pieces of a puzzle that we can’t always see how they fit together. But they do.

Sometimes it’s hard to trust that the path we are going down is where we are supposed to be. We question where we are in every season of life. The beautiful thing though is that we have been given the freedom to have those defining moments and to choose which path we take. There is freedom in listening to God’s plan for you. There is freedom in obedience.

I know that the word “obedience” is scary. It is hardly ever used and when it is, it is used negatively and shamefully. Which, is sad because there is much to be gained by obedience. Society sees obedience and thinks mindless zombies. That as faithful christians, having obedience to God means that we can’t think for ourselves and we just do as we are told. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. God has given us the ability to choose our path. Sometimes we choose correctly and sometimes we don’t. But the bottom line is, we still get to go where we want. In the end, we still end up where we are supposed to be. It is not mindless. We have the ability to discern what kind of life we will live and what sort of path we will follow. We choose whether or not to be obedient.

Jennifer Fulwiler said once that God’s law is like a prescription for true joy. We can take the prescription or we can not. That is completely up to us. G.K. Chesterson said that the laws of God are not the bars on the cage, but the stripes of the tiger. Being obedient to God is our prescription for happiness in this life. When we practice obedience we are truly free.

When we  faithfully try to follow God with obedience, the different pieces of our life come together like a woven tapestry. The happy moments and the painful ones. They all come together to tell a story, a story that speaks of who we are and what the core of our human spirit is made of.

With that said. I know that God wants me to draw closer to Him, especially as we approach Holy Week. It is easy to get caught up in the day to day routine but I wanted to do something that would make Holy Week one of those defining moments in my life. I want to be fully present to His suffering and the sacrifice made of me. So in obedience to that call, I picked a scripture verse to meditate on each day of Holy Week starting with Palm Sunday. I plan on having it in a place I will see it often (so probably by the sink because uh… dishes) and then changing them out each day. These are passages to just help me meditate and pray through out the week. Hopefully make my heart ready for God. With all the fun Easter stuff out, its hard not to start the celebration early. I see all the lovely decorations and pretty eggs… but it’s not time yet. The stone has yet to be rolled back.

 So until then, here are some samples of the scripture passages I will be meditating on. You can download ALL of them here —-> BM_HolyWeek.

Then I said.. Remain here..

I hope that these can help you jump fully into Holy Week, giving everything you have over to the one who created you with such love and promise.


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Mom Uniform// Coffee Donuts Repeat

Spring attire

I really look forward to the weekend for lots of reasons. One of those reasons is getting out of the house. It should come as no surprise that with three kids under three, I do my best to stay recluse. So on the weekends I enjoy leaving the house and wearing some normal clothes. One of my current go-to clothing items is the graphic t-shirt. More specifically a gray graphic t-shirt. Ordinarily I pair it with jeans but lately I’ve been trying to mix it up a little. A few weeks ago I paired my favorite Coffee Donuts Repeat t-shirt with a flowy pleated skirt and kaboom! Done. Five of my favorite things in one outfit….

~graphic t-shirt (use code SNOWDAY to get 10% off everything in her shop today!)

~maxi skirt (similar)

~big earrings

~headband (similar)

~ and a reference to donuts and coffee.

Coffee Donuts Repeat

Coffee Donuts Repeat

Coffee Donuts Repeat

Got these shoes at Target for $11! Winning!!

Summer Shoes- Target

It was Pi day when I took these pictures. Andrew made me take a picture with the pie to “keep things relevant”. He’s a funny guy that one.

Happy Pi Day!

Out and about running errands!


It should be noted that whenever I have an outfit on that I love, Aria will promptly spit up on it. So there’s that too. Oh Mom Life <3


Weekend Notes

Rummage sale finds.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We had some fun adventures but also spent a good amount of time trying to fight this sickness that just won’t leave us alone! Poor Andrew was the last man standing and he finally got hit. Just when I thought we were all done! That’s just how it goes I guess. The family that gets sick together, keeps getting sick together. Isn’t that how the saying goes?

Anyway, besides cleansing the house of the illness we had some good times over the weekend too. On Saturday Andrew went to Phoenix for a mens conference so it was just me and the kids. I woke up in a surprisingly good mood and started the day off with some selfie practice with Aria.

Baby Love.

That last one is my favorite. Then we were out the door and on our way to a rummage sale to do some, well, rummaging! But first. Donuts.


The rummage sale was to help raise money for my sister’s (and several other teens) trip to a leadership conference this coming summer. It was a little hard to concentrate on my treasure hunting because the sun was starting to heat up and I forgot a hat for Aria so I was suddenly worried about her head and that was all I could think about. Plus the boys kept trying to wiggle out of the stroller straps and make a break for it. Even still I found a couple of vintage books and a pretty jewelry plate.


After the rummage sale we went to the mall and finished our Easter shopping. My mom told me that it’s important to get that out of the way early so that you can better participate in Holy Week (the week before Easter). I did the same thing last year and it made a huge difference. After we finished shopping it was back to my parents house. The boys played until they passed out (literally) and we enjoyed a nice dinner with my family.

On Sunday, it was apparent that Andrew was out for the count. We made it to church, had a quick lunch with some friends, stopped at the store for fresh flowers for the week, and then headed home. Andrew curled up on the couch and I enjoyed some wine, a little reading, and Sherlock reruns to end the day.

Somewhere in all of that I managed to get the week planned out as well. We have so many events, meetings, and appointments coming up, that it would be all to easy to miss something. That’s why I’m loving this planner link-up with For Love of Cupcakes and a Tootsie Roll! It helps keep me accountable!


Blog plans.

Weekly Game Plan

Biggest thing for today?


And now the drier is buzzing to get my attention. So off I go to fold some clothes *shudder* and continue my efforts to get rid of  ALL THE GERMS floating around.

Have a great week friends!


Lipstick Of The Week//Framboise Etoile


Well here we are! It’s Friday, the first day of spring, and the day I announce the winner of the LOTW Giveaway!

*drum roll*

Krista Cannon! You are the winner! Congratulations!

I loved being able to host this giveaway. A HUGE thank you to all who participated. I also remembered why I kinda hate giveaways as much as I love them. I wish I could give all of you the prize! It’s hard only having one winner. However, the Barista Mommy Birthday is coming up soon and there will be another fun give away! So stay tuned!

Ok so onto the LOTW.

Lipstick of the week. Lipstick of the Week

This is Framboise Etoile from Lancome. I love Lancome products. They were the first brand of makeup that my mom bought for me. Last summer I was getting ready for a few weddings so I went to the mall in search of a few lip colors for the occasions. At the Lancome counter I fell in love with this color. It’s so bright and pleasant but not dominating. I really like the sponge wand applicator. It allows for you to get a nice even amount of color on your lips and it spreads on really easily. Going on it feels like a gloss but not nearly as thick. The color is pretty long lasting and touch ups are a breeze. This lip color is a little on the pricier side coming in at just under $24. I will say that it’s worth the price. I love me some drugstore makeup but sometimes you need something with a little bit higher quality.

Here is what it looks like in real life!


Lipstick of the week.


Have a wonderful weekend friends! And thank you again for stopping by!