Summer Essentials With Arbonne

Arbonne Summer Essentials

Arbonne Summer Essentials

Sometimes I hate social media and how addicted I am to it. However, there are so many upsides to social media that far outweigh any negative feelings I may have. For example, meeting my friend Cassie. I’m not sure if it was through Blessed Is She or because I found her beautiful woven wall art pieces online, but I began to follow her on Instagram. After a few exchanges on the grams we became fb friends (totally leveling up in the social media friendship world) and I saw that she was an Arbonne representative. Now, I had no idea what Arbonne was. Just figured it was another sales company and other run of the mill type stuff…. However, it wasn’t until I saw Cassie posting pictures of a conference she attended that I saw how it was so much more. Cassie showed me that Arbonne is really committed to personal health and what you’re actually putting into your body and onto your skin. She recently posted a video from Buzz Feed that mentions all the chemicals the US is allowed to put into cosmetics. Lots of this stuff is actually banned in Europe. You can watch the video here (and I highly recommend that you do!)

As it turns out, Arbonne is actually made to the European standards. So you won’t find any of those chemicals in their products which is pretty cool. Now I’m not saying to ditch all the products you’re using right now. Nope. That’s just not practical. I just wanted to let you know that there are other options out there in case you want more control of what goes into your body. And not just you, but your kids too!

So about a month ago I decided to order a couple lipsticks from Cassie (because of course). After some really awesome mom-brain and giving Cassie an incorrect zip code, I finally got my package in the mail. The day it came, I was out for the count sick as a dog, kind of pathetic. However, that didn’t stop me from immediately putting on one of my new shades. You guys. It was amazing. This lipstick was incredible. I instantly messaged Cassie to tell her how much I loved it!

Pretty soon our creative juices were flowing an we decided to bring you a post on our favorite Arbonne items for summer!

Arbonne Summer Essentials

1) CC Cream

I do have a foundation that I like a lot but in the hellish days of summer, it feels a bit heavy. I hate that feeling of sweating off my makeup. And while I enjoy my generic BB cream, I was excited to try Arbonne’s CC cream that Cassie suggested. I wasn’t disappointed! The CC cream feels just like lotion and doesn’t leave any awkward streaks around the outside of my face. While it’s great going on, it’s also simply good FOR your skin too. I’ve gotten several compliments on my complexion since I’ve been using it. Usually it’s followed by someone asking me if it’s a pregnancy glow. I mean fair enough. But I tell them no, it’s just this amazing CC cream!

Arbonne Summer Essentials

2) Sunscreen

I’m sure you may have seen the article that came out slamming a lot of the most popular sunscreens on the market. I was super disappointed because a lot of them were the ones I use! Once again, Cassie to the rescue! She sent me some sunscreen to try and it’s been great! It smells wonderful and it’s not super thick or oily. I love how they call it “Liquid Sunshine” because that’s basically what it is! Peter and James still did a lot of squirming when I was putting it on but they didn’t put a fight at all when it came time to reapply. So if you’re like me and bummed about your favorite sunscreens, think about giving some Liquid Sunshine a try.

3) Hibiscus Lipstick

So I already mentioned the lipstick a little but i wanted to say how much I love this color for summer! It’s this delightful pinky-red and it just reminds me of fresh watermelon and fireworks. I’m not sure what the secret ingredient is in this lipstick (or maybe the secret is that there isn’t one?!) but it’s pretty spectacular. It feels like your favorite lip balm going on but with color. It also smells fantastic. Like “I may or may not sniff my lipstick before putting it on” fantastic.

Arbonne Summer Essentials

4) Energy Fizz

So I’m pretty much coffee all day everyday BUT sometimes I like to mix it up. In the afternoon when my army of small children are wearing me thin, I need an energy boost. Cassie sent me some samples of this delicious energy drink in the pomegranate flavor. It’s fizzy and refreshing. I like to add it to a tall glass of water, with big chunks of ice, and fresh cut lime. Perfection on a hot summer afternoon.

Arbonne Summer Essentials

Ok so how do you get your hands on this awesome stuff? You can browse all of Arbonne’s stuff here. Also, a week from today I’ll be hosting an online party (fb event) with Cassie. You’ll learn more about Arbonne, ask questions and place orders (if you want). And you don’t even have to leave your house! To view the party stop by and say hi here! You can also enter for a chance to win a free lipstick (Poppy)! Here’s what you need to do…

~Comment on this blog post.

~Follow both myself and Cassie on Instagram and “like” THIS photo.


~RSVP to our party!

Once you’ve done either of those things you’re entered! If you do all three it’s a triple entry!

Have a great day friends!


Lipstick Of The Week//YSL

Lipstick of the Week ~barista mommy

Ok I know it isn’t Friday but it has been a couple weeks since my last LOTW so I wanted to get one up! Especially this one! My lovely friend Danielle was kind enough to help me for this special feature. This week’s lipstick is definitely a little splurge. It’s a “lip shine” (again, what just happened to lipstick?!) from Yves St. Laurent. I know FANCY PANTS ALERT. When I was buying it I was like “I feel like I can’t buy this…I don’t even own a yacht!” However, even though this lip shine is a bit of a luxury it is so worth it. I seriously want all the colors. But until I can afford a yacht, I probably won’t be owning all the colors any time soon.

This lip shine goes on so smooth. It reminds me of a smackers chap stick, you know from when you were a kid? It even smells like them! It’s not sticky at all and it stays on really well. So when I found out my friend Danielle also had a lip shine but in a different color, I knew that we had to join up for a lipstick of the week post! Aria made a little cameo this time too.


Danielle is wearing Fuchsia in Rage. It looks super purple but I was so surprised when Danielle put it on! It comes out as this delightful pinky/purple. A fun yet classy color. Just like Danielle!


Now I’m wearing Fuchsia in Excess. The fact that Danielle and I picked two different shades a fuchsia pretty much sums up our friendship.


I really can’t recommend this lipstick enough. It’s definitely in my top five. I’ve really surprised myself by how often I reach for it. When I got married I had a “wedding perfume”, if I could go back, this would be my  “wedding lipstick” for sure. So if you’re looking to invest in a lip color this is the one!


Weekend Notes

Soft light.

Since I’m sure you all are dying to know what we’ve been up to I thought I’d put up some weekend notes. All in all we had a really nice weekend. Andrew came home after being away for almost a full week. Yup, he was away for Father’s Day AND our Anniversary. It was hard being apart on those days and I was basically just in survival mode all week. To all you military moms out there… YOU ARE AMAZING. I could barely survive a week and you survive months and months. You have always had my respect but it has totally reached a new level.

Anyway, due to a 6 hour delay Andrew didn’t get in until 2:30 a.m. on Saturday morning. At 6:30 a.m. the boys were up and calling for Andrew and without hesitation, he jumped out of bed to go see them. I’m sure it was a beautiful reunion. Aria and I stayed in bed and caught about 20 more minutes of sleep. Then we made a big pancake breakfast with mimosas included. The mimosas were to celebrate Andrew’s homecoming but really more to celebrate that I had survived.


After a relaxing morning, Aria and I headed out to Paige’s (Bloom at Page by Paige) bridal shower for the afternoon. It was a very lovely party thrown by her mother and mother in-law to be. We had a great time! Plus I love an opportunity to get dressed up and put on a pretty dress.


After the shower we came home and just enjoyed the evening as a reunited family. It was a popcorn/fruit/cheese for dinner kind of night.

The next morning I let Andrew sleep in a little and I got the kids ready for church. After an absolutely horrible performance from twiddle dee and twiddle dum at Mass, afterwards we regrouped and went out for some lunch to celebrate Andrew’s birthday!


Then Andrew had Life Teen and the kids and I headed home. While everyone napped I did a little more reading of Laudato Si while drinking a glass of wine.


The label even says “pairs well with encyclicals”.

Just kidding.

When Andrew got home from Life Teen he helped take some pictures for a little something I’ve been working on. Hoping to launch/have a big reveal this Friday but you know, mom life, so we’ll see.



Then we went over to my parents for dinner and a little cake for Andrew’s b-day.


And that was our weekend! I’ve got some fun posts lined up for this week and HOPEFULLY some exciting news on Friday but like I said….we’ll see.

Have a great day friends!


What I’ve Learned in Four Years Of Marriage



Today Andrew and I are celebrating four years of marriage! It has gone by really fast. Probably because we keep having kids and babies kinda speed up time. But in all seriousness….It feels like just yesterday we were getting ready to say “I do” and then celebrate with our friends and family.


I wanted to share with you a little bit of a highlight reel from the last four years. The things that stick out in my mind the most. I’m not going to make this an “advice” post. I think it would be silly to pretend that my four years of marriage has mastered all there is to learn about this beautiful sacrament. However, these four years have left some thoughts and reflections on certain milestones that I’m sure I’ll still be holding close to my heart the day we celebrate our 50th…


~We had our first little place. A cute little condo with brightly colored walls. I remember being so proud of that place. It wasn’t much but it was our first home together. I cooked our first dinner as a married couple there, made Andrew’s lunches for work, and cleaned the kitchen with a lot of pride. We put together furniture (well more like Andrew did) and cleaned bathrooms. We even brought our first born son home from the hospital to that little condo.


~We went to a foreign country together. I watched Andrew totally blossom in a new setting. I couldn’t keep up. He wanted to take in everything and try new things at every turn. I saw my husband’s love of adventure come out and I was so happy that I was the one joining him on the greatest journey of all…

~ I saw Andrew become a father. I saw a light turn on within him that I had never seen before. I watched him rock our oldest son to sleep. I watched him change many diapers and clean up several blow outs. I watched him fall asleep with Peter on his chest… Father and son, a bond that is still growing today, right before my very eyes.

5 6

~We quickly jumped from a family of three, to a family of four. And as I stared at the positive pregnancy test in utter disbelief and fear of the future, he laughed. My husband laughed and told me we’d figure it all out. He didn’t pretend to have all the answers and if he was worried he didn’t let me see it. He just told me that he loved me and that we could do this.

~I’ve watched Andrew come into his role as provider for the family. Putting in long hours and working hard to make sure we have the things we need. Doing everything he can to make sure we are taken care of.

~We’ve learned a lot about each other. Andrew learned I have a shopping problem and I’ve learned that one of his love languages is a tidy house. Andrew puts up with my love of Instagram and I put up with his love of video games. We’ve learned about finances the hard way but we’re also learning from our mistakes and working on being smarter with what God has given us.


~Then we went from four to five….God blessed us with a little baby girl. Andrew’s relationship with his sons is so special but it’s amazing to see his relationship with Aria develop. That father daughter bond is so incredible. He reads to her from his comic books and she reaches for his face excitedly when we Face Time. This baby girl has him wrapped around her little finger.

~And now we look and plan for the future. We want to buy a house, work on finances, and have more kids. We want to make some dreams and goals a reality and continue to grow in our faith. We want to be better at trusting in God and his plan for our family. We know that only so much is actually in our control. But what I do know is that there is no one else I would rather have by my side on this journey.

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