International Baby Wearing Week!

Lily and Mama Ring Slings

Hello friends! I know it has been so long since this blog has seen any action. However, today I’m blowing of the dust to bring you something awesome! One of the reasons my little blog has been quiet is because I’ve been so busy with Little Flower Studios. A happy problem of course! One of my recent projects was shooting photos for the Lily and Mama fall release of ring slings.

I am a huge fan of baby wearing so I was really excited to work with my friend Kaitlyn on the release of her new slings. To celebrate the release of her fall line and “International Baby Wearing Week” I’m giving away one of her gorgeous chambray slings! All you have to do is enter below! After you enter make sure you set your alarm for 10 PST (today) because that’s when the fall line officially drops. You are not going to want to miss out on the original hand-dyed slings because they are AMAZING.

Lily and Mama Ring Slings Lily and Mama Ring Slings

Lily and Mama Giveaway!

Contest ends Friday at midnight! Good Luck! 

Life Planning Meeting

Life Planning Meeting with your Spouse

One of the most challenging things about have three young children is finding time to spend with just Andrew and I. We do are best to get in as many “date nights” as we can but life moves fast and things come up and we don’t go out as often as we’d like. Our mornings and evenings are filled with hurried conversations about finances, the kids, schedules and other adult-ing things. We never rarely sit down and discuss these important things at length. In fact the last time we did was at out Engaged Encounter which was a LONG time ago. I knew that it was time to revisit a lot of these important subjects that we barely touch on in a day to day basis. Especially since several of our friends have made some big life changes and it left us wondering if we also needed to make some changes.

Like I mentioned a few posts back, this whole “Life Planning” meeting was an idea from Nap Time Diaries. She posted about it on Instagram with a brief outline of what she and her husband discuss at these dates/meetings. I took what she posted and tweaked it to fit our family. Then about a month ago, Andrew and I sat down to get some planning done.

Hopes and Dreams

I had a full two pages written out of things to discuss and we barely made it halfway through the first! But that’s ok because now we just get to schedule some more time together. Ok, here is our “Life Planning” itinerary.


-budget refresh



-starbuck design


-little flower studios

~andrew’s plate and schedule

-what’s working

-what’s not working

~andrew’s heart



~susana’s plate and schedule

-what’s working

-what’s not working

~susana’s heart



~our marriage





~the kids: making them saints




-parenting improvements


-limiting technology

~extended family: how can we love better?


-house starbuck

~our house

-up keep

-things to fix

-timeline for buying

-what we want in out dream house

This outline is purely for guidance. Andrew and I found ourselves addressing other important things as they cam up naturally. We still have to finish a few more sections but hopefully we’ll complete it all soon. The fall is so busy for Andrew with work and ministry that if we don’t finish it now, it will be Christmas when we finally sit down again. I hope this helps you like it has helped us!


Lipstick Of The Week//Butter Kiss


It’s Friday!!!! I hope everyone has had a good week. Things have been a little hectic around here but we are just trying to take life slow and enjoy the little things. Yesterday was one of those days where I didn’t want to leave the house but there we were, completely out of diapers. Even the diapers in the baby’s bag were used up. So, left without much a of a choice, we loaded up the car for a diaper run. The heat was already turned up and Target was a back to school mess.

As we navigated our way through the crazy I made the decision to just “chill out”. Sometimes (read all the time) I get so uptight when I’m out in public juggling all three kids. Instead of rushing through to get what we needed, I slowed down. A lot. We took our time, browsed, and enjoyed cake pops and coffee. Like a moth to a flame, I took a peek down the cosmetics aisle and snagged a couple shades/brands I had been meaning to try…

It was a much more pleasant experience when I just decided to calm down. Easier said than done for sure. But at least I was trying. So with that said… here is one of the new lip colors I snatched up.



I haven’t shared anything from Almay yet but yesterday I decided to try one of their “smart shade butter kiss” colors. The system is pretty cool, you find your skin tone (light-medium for me) and then you find the shade under that category. In my never ending quest to find a “Leslie Knope pink” I settled on a pretty rose shade.

Almay Smart Shade Butter Kiss

I was pleasantly surprised by the color. It’s a soft shade but it provides good coverage. Some pinks end up being too light and if you want a little color it basically defeats the purpose. The application is smooth, dare I say…”buttery”. Though it was a little too sticky for my liking. Not like glossy sticky, but just…sticky. I guess that’s the nice “hydrating” thing that’s happening. I like lipsticks that go on smooth but dry on your lips. Not, dry out your lips, but dry. Am I making any sense at all? Like I said above, it’s been crazy here and I’m not entirely sure I’m being coherent.


The staying power isn’t great. It’s a good “around the clock” color. After a few hours it was pretty much done, so much so, that I was able to try out that second color (coming next week!). It’s reasonably priced around $6. It received an award from Women’s Health so that’s pretty cool too. You can find it at Ulta, Target, and most drugstores!

Got a lipstick to share? Add your link below!

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-the brand and color you are using.

-a picture of you wearing it so people can see the “true to life” color.

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Five Favorites: Notebooks

Where To Find The Best Notebooks

The best Places For Notebooks

If you’ve been following this blog for at least a little while you may have noticed that I have a paper products problem. If you think that my lipstick obsession is bad…. You should see my desk. ALL THE NOTEBOOKS. My love for journals, notebooks, and notepads began when I was 6. One Christmas my parents gifted me a small trunk full of blank journals. I filled them up and never looked back.

So here I am…many many many notebooks later. I thought I’d share some of the love and list out my Five Favorite places for notebooks, notepads, and journals.

1)May Designs

I discovered May Designs on Instagram (of course). I love all the various patterns but I love that you can personally customize each one! Pick what you want on the front and choose what to put on the inside as well. What a financial planner? A wedding planner? Food tracker? Blank pages or lined pages? They can do that!


My next favorite is Their notebooks are like adult versions of Lisa Frank. Bright colors, fun sayings, and lots of different kinds.

3)Rifle Paper Co.

I also really love all the paper goods from Rifle Paper Co. The designs are so vintage and delicate. Every pattern is so unique.


Anthropologie also has some great journals. A few years ago I found the beautiful leather journal. It’s green with gold foil and I think it might be my all time favorite.


Finally, there is Typo. They have a store here in Tucson and it’s a good thing it’s all the way across town. They carry really fun academic notebooks. Plus they’re always running deals so you can get a few notebooks all at once for less!

Where To Find The Best Notebooks

While I wouldn’t wish my paper addiction on my worst enemy… I do hope you decide to snatch up a new notebook or two just for fun.