Into The Jungle


On Saturday we gathered up our close friends and family to celebrate the birthday boys. My parents graciously allowed us to use their home to host the party since it would be tough to get a big crowd into our little rental. We had sandwiches, Eegees, fresh watermelon and delicious cupcakes. All of our guests were so generous with Peter and James. They are currently playing with all their new toys as I type! There was lots of swimming, laughing, and all in all, great time with the ones we love. As I looked around during the party, I felt a sense of peace. Quality time with the ones we love is so often taken for granted. These are the wonderful memories I hope my children will have an abundance of. It won’t be the presents or the cake they remember, it will be the big family events like this. They’ll look back at the photo albums  old Instagram accounts and remember how much they are loved.

Here are some of my favorite images from Saturday. Thirty-ish of my favorites to be exact haha. It was really hard to choose! We went with a jungle theme for the party. Andrew and I have decided to hold off on all the nerdy themes (Star Wars, Avengers etc.) until they are a little older and can really appreciate it haha.






Now! Time for some leftover cupcakes!

What I Wore Sunday


This is the third time I’ve sat down to post this. Mom life right? Greek yogurt on the floor, dishes piled in the sink, and suddenly scrambling to get to my dentist appointment. The appointment wasn’t until 12:00. This morning we were slow out of the starting gates.

Anyway… WIWS time!

Roses have always been my favorite flower. Then when I was little, my mom introduced me to St. Therese and I fell even more in love with roses! So that’s why when I see roses or anything with roses, it’s really hard for me to pass up. Yes, I know, I’m like an 80 year old woman. Andrew will often remark that that some of my dresses look like a “grandma couch”. Even though my husband loves to give me a hard time, he knows how to get on my good side. Last weekend I was able to say goodbye to my iPhone 4 and say hello to an iPhone 5s. Of course half the fun is finding a new case. After spending entirely too much time browsing the interwebs I found one I loved!

Before heading off to Mass, my loving (and teasing) husband took my What I Wore Sunday pictures for me.




Dress//Dorothy Perkins, Shoes//Steve Madden, Earrings//Brighton, Sunglasses//Target, Tights//…….. JK. My legs are just really that white, Phone Case//Kate Spade

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Irish Twin Diaries


Now that I have a two year old and a one year old, I figured it was time for another Irish Twins update. It is simply unbelievable how much they are growing and learning. They continue to blow me away everyday with the little developments in their personalities.


-Peter loves to listen to a CD called “Toddler Favorites” in the car. It’s just a collection of children’s songs and rhymes. While it drives me slightly insane when it is playing for the 100th billion time, it is ADORABLE when Peter sings along. Now he gets mad if I start singing too. He’s like “MOM! I want to hear this song!” Maybe not in those words exactly but you get the idea.

-James has been fondly nicknamed “Food Truck”. Why? Because this kid will eat just about ANYTHING. Also, his stocky frame reminds us of a truck.

-Peter is getting “better” at sharing. At least I think he understands the concept now. When I ask him to share with James he’ll do it. If he wants to haha. So I know he knows what I’m saying. It just depends on what I’m asking him to share haha.

-James is walking all over the place! Each day he crawls a little less and walks a little more. Hearing his little feet walk down the hallway is so sweet. He gets so proud of himself after he’s done walking. He’ll look back at me and give me a little smile “See Mom? See what I did?!” So cute.

-Peter is starting to actually play with his toys. Like right now he is playing with his new Avenger action figures. The Hulk is currently smashing to all my couch cushions haha.

-James is weaning. I have mixed feelings about that for sure. If #3 wasn’t on the way I’d still be nursing no problem. However, it’s really painful and I’m almost 100% sure that I’ve dried up. It was around this time when I was pregnant with James that Peter stopped nursing. I know that this needs to happen but it still makes me sad. Then I remind myself that I’ll be nursing another little one in December so it’s all good.

-Peter now does this thing where he just takes his pants off. If they are just the slightest bit loose he takes it upon himself to just drop his shorts. He does it at home and in public. So yeah that’s fun.

-James is starting to say words! He copies a lot of what Peter says which is adorable.

-When we’re at church Peter will choose the quietest times to point to the altar and yell “Jesus!”. It’s really precious but very distracting for everyone else I’m sure.

-The boys love bath time. However, we are currently trying to get them to understand that the water is supposed to stay in the tub.

-Peter and James are really starting to play with each other. It’s mostly running/walking/ crawling all around the house while they scream and laugh at each other. But it’s obvious they both understand the game and it is too much fun to watch.

-Earlier this morning James had the Fisher Price motorcycle stuck in some of the kitchen chairs. He was getting really frustrated that he couldn’t get it out (he loves to push it around like a little walker). I was being lazy and didn’t want to get up from the couch so I asked Peter to help him get it out. I was pretty positive Peter would just look at me and then continue doing his thing but I was wrong! He stopped what he was doing and helped James! This was super encouraging because Peter is really going to have to step up as a big brother once the baby gets here.

-For one day they were both one years old. How time has flown! And since it’s Thursday…Here are a few throw backs to this time a year ago <3

544425_10151741215185659_2137374492_n 555048_10151808147530659_987753169_n 1391896_10151955149995659_1103156242_n

-And now look at my Irish Twins!


10550942_10152245440028388_807864128621354778_n 1912455_10152245576903388_6646458467650508289_n

My hands are full but my heart is even more so.

Five Favorites ..

photo 2


FIVE FAVORITES – BARISTA DADDY STYLE – VOL. 01 The nerd behind the camera of Susana’s WIWS posts is giving her a break from blogging and comin’ atcha with MY Five Favorites! Prepare to be totally whelmed!

1. Spider-Man Blue


Our anniversary was just last month and I was in Kansas taking teens to the Life Teen Leadership Conference at Benedictine University. It was a phenomenal experience, but it was definitely hard being away from my beloved during our anniversary. Talk about mixed emotions! However, my beautiful bride hid a present in my bag and I found it on the airplane (luckily it wasn’t a gun or something…that would’ve made it awkward getting through security). She got me Spider-Man : Blue, a graphic novel by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. If you’re nerdy, those are the guys who did Batman’s Long Halloween and Hush graphic novels. The art is retro and fantastic and takes a look back at Spider-Man’s first love, Gwen Stacy. I’m excited to pick up the rest of those guys’ “color-theme” books. Seriously LOVE the retro art:


2. Life Teen


Since this is my first “five favorites” on here, I’m gonna have to go with Life Teen since they’ve been transformational in my life and continue to inspire me (coincidentally, “Inspire[d]” is their theme for the year). As I wrote above, I recently went to the Life Teen Leadership Conference (only my second time going) and what they do to help bring teens closer to Christ is nothing short of amazing. Two weeks before that, Susana and I went to Life Teen’s CYMC (Catholic Youth Ministry Convention), which is for youth minister’s to get additional training / new ideas / new contacts. I’ve gone to those for years and they just keep getting better! This year I got to meet Scott Hahn and Lino Rulli and had a mild case of Catholic-fanboy-itis. Thus far in my 12 years of doing ministry, Life Teen has been the best source of Catholic youth ministry resources. We’ve always kept our eyes/ears open for other resources and occasionally we utilize some (like using Chris Stefanick’s Chosen confirmation program this year), but I simply love Life Teen, their programs, their resources and their amazing staff. If you’re interested in bringing the Life Teen movement to your parish, I’d be happy to talk more about it with you ((starbuck(at)stapyouth(dot)com)) and get you in contact with the right people for your region!

3. Dicky’s BBQ


Dickey’s BBQ just recently opened up in Tucson and to really understand my dilemma, you have to know that I LOVE some good BBQ. Especially ribs or brisket. But beef doesn’t agree with me all that well so it usually a battle between my taste buds cheering for some steak and my stomach threatening me with this kind of pain:


Surprisingly, when I had Dickey’s brisket…no stomach-revolt! And there was much rejoicing:


4. Castle Crashers


This isn’t a new game but my buddy David recently got me back into it and I had forgot how fun it is. I bought it on XBOX Live Arcade probably 2 years ago and played it with some friends but then forgot about it. The simplicity of the game makes it easy enough that even a non-gamer (like Susana) can jump in and play for a bit…but it’s also pretty light on time-consumption so even for the busy dad, it’s simple to play for 15 or 30 minutes and then shut it off and get back to whatever honey-do list your wife has made for you. Also, the humor is juvenile and funny (you escape from one monster by riding on a deer who is propelled forward by defecation) and the graphics are reminiscent of the artist’s older works on Newgrounds like Alien Hominid. If you just want some fun, side-scrolling, multiplayer gaming for pretty cheap than you can’t go wrong here.


5. Loot Crate – Villians

photo 1

Susana has tried out a couple of those random boxes that you get once a month that have a bunch of girly junk in them like lotions and soaps and fancy coffee mugs, etc. I made a big, pouty deal one day that I never get a random box full of stuff I like…and then she ordered me a Loot Crate. Loot Crate is a cool company that caters to nerds and geeks. I have enough nerdy/geeky friends that I’m confident that even if I don’t care about a certain item, I’m sure someone I know will! This month was themed “Villains” and contained a Bowser magnet, a Darth Vader keychain, a Joker/Loki mashup t-shirt, poster art of both Harley Quinn and The Joker, a Guardians of the Galaxy comic book (created specifically for Loot Crate), a CD full of DC Villain goodness (er…”evilness”), and Deadpool Socks. Plus, it appears that random villains wrote all over the inside of the box. Clever.

photo 2 photo 3

So there you go, those are my Five Favorites right now. Back to your regularly scheduled Barista Mommy posts!



First Trimester Ti..


It’s birthday week in the Starbuck household! Tomorrow James will turn one and then the next day Peter will turn two! We will do a little something in the evening on those days and then have a small party Saturday with family and close friends. It is just amazing how fast the time goes! A year ago today I was certain that James had just decided to stay in my womb forever, but he hadn’t even hit his due date yet! I’m just a little impatient when it gets in that home stretch haha. So since I’m taking a walk down memory lane and thinking of my last two pregnancies, I thought I’d share a few things I’ve learned.

Every pregnancy is different and every woman experiences that first trimester a little differently. Some women barely have any symptoms and some women get so sick that they’re in the hospital. For me, my biggest issues are nausea, headaches and fatigue. A few other lovely symptoms are sprinkled in here and there but those are my big three. So like I said, everyone is different but here are a few things that helped through those early months…


-Peppermint tea: Helps with stomach aches.

-Sparkling water: Helps with stomach aches and ESPECIALLY nausea. I know some women reach for the ginger ale but the sugar gives me heart burn. So I’d rather not solve one problem only to get another haha.

-Minty gum: Soooooo I get really bad breath that first trimester. I’m always brushing my teeth and chewing on gum.


-Prenatal Vitamins: As soon as I get that positive test I’m taking prenatal vitamins. I try to continue taking them even after baby is born just because they have so many good things for you. Fun fact, I was totally taking these in college as a multi vitamin. Maybe that’s why I keep getting pregnant now lol. Just kidding. That’s not science.

-Anti-nausea pills: Found these all natural pills at Whole Foods. I didn’t start taking them until 11 weeks so it felt like they were working but I might have just started feeling better since I was getting close to my second trimester. Whole Foods also has anti-nausea wrist bands made for pregnant women and chemo patients. I haven’t tried them personally but I hear that they work pretty well.

-Tums: Helps with bloating grossness and heartburn. But try not to take more than one or two a day because it’s a lot of calcium for your system to absorb. They also have aluminum in them which isn’t great. But when all the other natural heartburn remedies fail me (only sometimes) I give into the Tums. Things like a little shot of half n half or pears work pretty well naturally.


-Lip Salve/Chapstick: I get soooooo thirsty during pregnancy and my lips always feel chapped. So I keep some sort of chapstick, balm, or salve always handy.

-Bar of soap: For some odd reason the smell of shower gels killlllssss me in the first trimester. I may be the only one who has this problem but anything too strong-smelling (like perfume too) in that first trimester gives me the worst headache. So I usually find a very mild smelling bar of soap. And then I get slightly paranoid thinking about that one episode of Downton Abbey involving a pregnant lady and a bar of soap….

-Chocolate: First trimester I crave a ton of sweets but then they make me nauseous and give me heartburn. SO. I just enjoy a little piece of dark chocolate (all the antioxidants!) and call it even.


As far as fatigue goes? There really isn’t much help there. A little caffeine will only help so much. I mean, your body is growing a small human! That is a lot of work. Just embrace it and take a nap. (If you can, haha.)

I’d love to hear what works for you! I will still occasionally get a nasty headache so if anyone has any remedies for that during pregnancy send them my way! Happy Monday!

Boring No More: Fr..


I have always been a water drinker. Drinking water has so many health benefits but it’s often looked over. A hydrated body is a healthy body. Living here in the desert means that I am constantly making sure that the boys and I are hydrated. One of my favorite things to do is add fruit to my water to jazz it up a bit. There is nothing like a hot Arizona afternoon with a cold drink in hand. I recently tried out a ton of fruit combinations for my water and I wanted to share them! Now I use a fruit infuser/ice tea maker but you don’t really need one. You can just stick the fruit in a cold glass of water or add it to giant pitcher. It’s really up to you! My infuser is nice because I can put the fruit in and let it infuse overnight.

SONY DSCMy mom found this infuser for me at the grocery store but you can also find some like this one on amazon. So after many delicious taste tests…Here are my favorites!

1) Cucumber//Mint

SONY DSCAll the freshness of a mojito but without the alcohol. Perfect for pregnant mamas!

2) Raspberry//Lime

SONY DSCThis one is for those of you who like things on the tart side. Infusing over night is too long but a couple hours does the trick. It’s also good to slightly puncture the raspberries so that the juices soak into the water and give it a fun pink color.

3) Mango//Cantaloupe

SONY DSCThe flavors of this water are very soft. Make sure you use fresh mango and cantaloupe to get the full flavors. Sometimes precut fruit is a little dried out and won’t infuse as well.

4) White Nectarine//Rosemary

SONY DSCI was a little unsure about adding rosemary to my water but I was pleasantly surprised with how good it was!! The white nectarine adds a little sweetness and the rosemary is crisp. Loved this combination!

5) Blueberry//Pineapple

SONY DSCI knew I wanted a water infusion with pineapple but adding another fruit to pair it with was tough because I didn’t want it to become too tart. Adding blueberries solved that problem! Soft blueberries are best. Again, make sure you puncture the blueberries so that the juices can infuse the water.

6) Plum//Grapefruit

SONY DSCI love grapefruit with a little bit of sugar. So for my grapefruit water I added plum for a little bit of sweetness. Purple plums (not pictured) work best for this combination.

7) Peach//Pomegrant

SONY DSCOne of my favorites snacks is a handful of pomegranate seeds. But watch out because they stain haha! For this water combination I punctured/smashed the seeds a little and added peaches. Just be careful with the amount of seeds because they can easily over power the peach.

8) Lemon//Strawberry

SONY DSCFor this water infusion I strongly recommend finding the sweetest strawberries you can. That might mean letting them get a little soft before adding them to the water. If you use tart strawberries then adding lemon just makes for a a very sour glass of water haha. Lemon water can stand on it’s own but the sugary strawberries make it sweet.

9) Watermelon//Basil

SONY DSCSaved the best for last! This one is my all time favorite. Juicy watermelon and fresh basil make for an amazing combination. Watermelon and basil are good outside of water too! Just add a little mozzarella and balsamic reduction for a delicious summer salad!

So these were my favorite combinations but I totally plan on playing around with whatever fresh fruit we have in the house. If you have any other combinations that you love let me know! I am always looking for ways to drink more water! Stay hydrated my friends!

Five Favorites Vol..


The past few mornings the boys have been awake somewhere between 5:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. As I try to pull my brain into consciousness, I always promise myself that someday when they are teenagers, I will bust into their room at 5:00 a.m. and tell them this is me getting sweet justice. Oh it’s gonna happen. They’ll hear about all the napping strikes too. “I’m sorry did you want to nap after practice? Too bad. Now go mow the lawn please.”

Mom of the year for surrrreeee.

However there is an upside. Yesterday we ran all our errands before 9:30. It was perfect timing because as soon as we were home a summer monsoon hit. So they boys and I just played in the living room and enjoyed the storm. Then this morning we were able to eat breakfast, make Andrew’s lunch, go for a walk, AND shower (PTL), all before 9:00.

And now I get to share my Five Favorites while they play semi-nicely in their room.

1. Calligraphy 101


Found a starter calligraphy book that I would love to begin! I think calligraphy is so gorgeous. But honestly, I don’t have the time. Also…I should probably tackle the handwriting book my mom gave me back in christmas 2011. Yeah. My handwriting is just that bad.

2. Hanging Flowers


Fell absolutely in love with this image. I’ve wanted to do a flower wall for a while now and now I think I’m going to add hanging flowers to the list.

3. Scarves


Today as I was putting my clothes away in the closet I noticed all my scarves and just for a second I was wishing for cooler weather. But just for a second.

4. Pools and Watermelon


Then after that brief second of wishing for cooler weather, I remembered everything I love about summer. Two of those things being pool time and fresh watermelon. College football is great but it can’t beat that ^^.

5. Design Love Fest


This image is from the Design Love Fest Instagram account. I liked the freshness of this photo and the way the pinks and yellows stand out.

So those are my Five Favorites for this week! See you tomorrow!

What I Wore Sunday


Yes I know it’s Tuesday. Unfortunately yesterday was occupied with laundry, bills, and cranky babies. Just the Monday blues I suppose. It’s hard coming off of such a great weekend. I remember a year ago we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of little baby James. I thought for sure he was coming at least two weeks early. Alas, that was not the case. But once he did arrive it was instantly hard to remember what life was like before he joined our little family.

When I was pregnant with James I was always envisioning life with irish twins. I would lay awake at night and wonder how would I grocery shop, how would I clean, and how on earth would I take a shower?! I let the scenarios in my head take over and I think I missed some important memories with Peter. So while I still lay awake at night and wonder how will I manage three kids in diapers…. I’m making sure that I don’t miss anymore memories.

Sunday was such a nice family day. We went to Mass and then out to breakfast. We actually found a place we had never been before! After breakfast we took the boys to see Daniel Tiger at the UofA bookstore. Peter was a little leery of the giant Daniel but James just couldn’t get enough! Then we grabbed a smoothy and headed home. The boys and I took naps while Andrew went to Life Teen and when he came back, we headed to my parent’s house for dinner.

I know in the blink of an eye I’ll be trying to remember what life was like before three kids. That’s why I’m “trying” to soak up every bit of it. Even the tantrums and late night nursing sessions.

Over the 4th of July weekend I snagged a few sale maternity dresses from ASOS. On Sunday I put on my Blanqi and threw on one of the dresses…

It was actually a very delicious smoothie. Not sure why I look so angry.

Jamba Juice makes me thoughtful. Lol.

Looking at my snow white legs.

Dress//ASOS, Earrings// Target, Shoes//Target

Not an ad for Jamba I swear haha. Though they are delicious and I wish they would deliver to my house. Or at least have a drive thru.


17 weeks!


Make sure to check out Fine Linen and Purple for more Sunday outfits.

Well that’s all I got! Time for a second cup of coffee.

Fun Finds


Ever since I jumped into the blogging world I’ve become obsessed with unique packaging, clever branding, pretty typography, and fresh designs. So when I find that kind of stuff I get super excited and obviously must take all the pictures.

So this little post is just to show off the cute little eclectic finds in a recent bridesmaid present. The bride filled a bag of goodies from her local farmers market and a few other places.


Loved everything from the lemon drop tea to the mustache tumbler. Really looking forward to those toasted coconut pancakes and enjoying a cup of coffee in my elephant mug.

Happy Thursday friends!