Crop Top Hop


I’m not a super adventurous person when it comes to fashion. I know what I like and I stick to it. For example… I hate buttons. Like with a fiery passion. Alway have and I always will. Bizarre right? Right. Even when I was little I would flat out refuse to wear anything with buttons. My one year of Catholic school almost killed me because we had to wear polos EVERY DAY. At some point in the year they allowed us to wear the school hoodie with our uniform. That was my green light to never take off my hoodie again. So yeah. The more you know….


I almost never wear buttons (flannel is like my only exception) and I almost never take fashion risks. I’ll occasionally try out a new trend or something but I usually end up scaring myself back into my old favorites. Lately I’ve been trying to branch out a little more (thanks Pinterest). One recent trend that has terrified me for a long time was the resurgence of the “crop top”. When I hear crop top I automatically think of tiny little Kelly Kapowski on Saved by the Bell. I shudder at the thought of my current mom body in one of her outfits. Yikes. Ugh. Yeah get that visual out of your brain stat. A crop top goes against the dress code for “Mom Uniform”. Or does it?

I gave up shopping for Lent but one week before Easter Andrew said I could go pick out a new outfit for Easter. Growing up we always got a new dress for Easter and Christmas. I’m pretty lucky to have a husband that let’s me continue the tradition (within reason of course). So there I was roaming around this two story Forever 21 and realizing that I’m getting old because the music is just TOO LOUD. Also there are way way way to many options. I decided that if this shopaholic ever cracks it’s going to be at Forever 21. So I did what I usually do when overwhelmed while shopping, I asked Mama Mary to help me find something to wear. Then boom. I saw it. A delicately beaded crop top. I pretty much ran over to the mannequin and began to frantically look for where it was hanging.

Couldn’t find it. I had already decided that it was going to go perfectly with the blue skirt (thanks Mary!) I found at H&M earlier. But where was it?! And why is it when you don’t need help the sales people are all like “can I help you find anything?” and you’re like “no just looking” and when you NEED them they are no where to be found. So I tracked down someone working the floor and asked her where I could find that crop top. Turns out the last one they had was on that mannequin. She asked me “would like this one?”, “Yes please!!” I responded. So then we publicly shamed the mannequin by taking the shirt off her back and I went on my happy little way.

So with out further ado, here is this Barista Mommy wearing a crop top and looking nothing like Kelly Kapowski (which in this case is a relief).

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC My serious blogger face needs work.
SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCSkirt//H&M, Top//Forever 21 (similar), Shoes//Kohls (last summer), Clutch// Gift from my Mommy <3

So hopefully this post gives you the push you need to try something new/something that just came back around. Can’t wait for the Zach Morris phone to make a reappearance.

Five Favorites Vol..

photo 5

Well well well….This is it! Today is the last Starry Night committee meeting before the big event! I want to scream, laugh, cry and vomit all at the same time. Isn’t that a lovely visual? I am excited. Promise. There is just still so much to be done! My mind is racing even more than usual. Like my brain is on the autobahn. And I’m still trying to manage my little irish twins haha. It’s a good thing they’re so cute.

Even though everything is cray cray right now (yeah I said cray cray whatareyougoingtodoaboutit) I found time to round up my Five Favorites!

1) My Peter Rabbit

photo 1Peter was so adorable during the egg hunt on Easter. He wasn’t too crazy about the Easter bunny though. My husband captured this picture of us sizing up that giant rabbit. Pretty positive we could’ve taken him if we had to.

2) Dark Chocolatephoto 2Favorite Easter candy? Easy. Dove dark chocolate. Sure I can get it all year but it just tastes better shaped like an egg. Is that weird?

Don’t answer that.

3) Tea

photo 3I know that it’s a “breakfast” tea but I have been loving a cup of this in the afternoon. Truth time? Totally stole this box of tea from my Dad. It’s his favorite in the morning. He doesn’t mind though haha.

4) Cooking

photo 4When my husband and I were setting up our wedding registry, I asked for a lot of cookbooks. Good news? We got almost all of them! bad news? They’re really good at collecting dust. Not these though! These two are my go to books. The top one has it’s cover ripped! That just shows how much I love it. I get in a cooking rut sometimes. You know that rotation of like five different meals over and over again? Yeah these books help me out of that rut.

5) I’m Back

photo 5Found this dress at Target and bought it to break my fast from shopping. It felt good haha. And it was on sale that day for half off so it felt even better!

Ok so that’s that! Remember if you’re in Tucson or Phoenix, it’s not to late to buy tickets to Starry Night! Have a wonderful Wednesday friends <3

Starbuck Easter


I am almost positive that Peter is still in a sugar hangover from Easter Sunday haha. It’s not even 9:00 yet and he is already a hot toddler mess. Oh and James is still teething. And my kitchen is a disaster. AND something in this house is making everything smell like a dirty diaper and I can’t find it!!!!! So yeah. Lots of fun going on here at the Starbuck household.

I just had to get up and remove the box of Easter cookies from Peter. I don’t even know how he grabbed them from the counter. And now he’s devastated. Yay.

But despite this 48 hr meltdown, we really had a lovely Easter. The boys enjoyed their baskets and were fairly well behaved at church. The rest of the day was filled with egg hunts, delicious food, family time, and bubbles. Sunday was just one of those wonderful days when I’m reminded of how blessed I truly am. It’s easy to get caught up in the stress of everyday life, but it’s important to remember the resurrection everyday, especially those tough ones (like today *cough*). Liturgically the Easter season has just begun! We have 50 days to celebrate! Does that mean a sugar coma everyday? Not a chance. But I certainly think it means when I want to give up, I need to remember that my God suffered, died and rose just for me…. So I can most definitely muscle through the toughest of days knowing the gift I’ve been given.


SONY DSCCookies before church. Brilliant.




SONY DSCOne of my little sisters! Not so little anymore!

SONY DSCMy bro hunting eggs like a boss. #suitup


Well, I just looked up from the computer to see that Peter has dumped out his entire sippy cup of formula and now James is splashing in it.



Behind The Scenes:..


Good morning!! So much to do today! Sometimes I feel like if I tell you how much I have to do, it will magically be cut in half. Or that maybe I’ll actually get it done. *sigh*. So before I get going for the day, I thought I share some of the behind the scenes photos from my Easter Brunch shoot.

SONY DSC I purchased some simple white picture frames from Michaels and spray painted them gold. Michaels is a really great place for frames because they have pretty good sales and deals. For these frames, it was buy one and get one free!
SONY DSCAt Michaels I also found these adorable milk bottles. They were just a dollar each.


SONY DSC Then I filled the gold frame with scrapbook paper and a colorful card from Treat. So simple. They decorated the serving table but then they became more wall art for the house! However, the house is sadly lacking pictures of James so I’ll probably be replacing the cards with some pictures of that cutie.
SONY DSC SONY DSCThese are the cards I used. Some went into making the centerpiece and others went in the frames. I love using/reusing greeting cards! I actually put all the cards from my bridal shower and wedding into a scrapbook. The cards were just so pretty and I wanted to have those sweet words from friends and family forever…

So it’s now Easter break for this Barista Mommy! Have a blessed Easter lovely readers!

Five Favorites Vol..


“Books are for reading! Not eating!” I think I’ve said that phrase at least 20 times today. It’s great that they love books but I need them to realize that their nutritional value is pretty low…. That’s basically the kind of day we’re having. Thankfully my book eating babies are finally napping so I can hum head first into my to-do list. But first, my Five Favorites!

This week my favorites are pretty heavy on spring/Easter. And while I’m super excited for Easter, I’m trying to make sure I’m focused on everything that led up to that glorious morning. We’ve had all of lent to improve our prayer life and draw us closer to God and Holy Week is the final push! As a family we are spending more time in silence and prayer. We also try to participate in as much of Holy Thursday and Good Friday as we can.

So with all that said…. Here are my “can’t wait until Sunday!” five favorites!

1) Fresh Flowers

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCI love the smell of fresh flowers! They just brighten up whatever area they’re in. And I really wanted to keep using my gold vases haha.

2) Bright Lips

SONY DSCThis whole lipstick thing is starting to become a bit of an obsession… {{Pictured: Lip Tar-Sephora, EOS-Target, Revlon Color Burst-Walgreens}}

3. Pretty Polish

SONY DSCI can’t decided which one to wear for Easter! Growing up, my mom would always let me pick out a nail polish for Easter and then paint my nails before going to church. She still does the same for all my sisters. Such a special memory.

4) Headbands

SONY DSCMom uniform: Top Knot, headband, and semi-clean clothes (as far as you know). I love these headbands made with german ribbon from Murabelle. I think they might have even been a past favorite too. Eh. Oh well! That top red one I wore in labor with James!

5) Happy Mommy Box

SONY DSCHappy Mommy Box keeps delivering the goods! This subscription is my favorite!!!

Tomorrow I’ll be posting the “behind the scenes” details of my Easter Brunch shoot. After that I won’t be blogging for a few days. Like I said above, I’ll be taking time to focus on the Triduum and family time.

See you tomorrow!

Forever In Convers..


When I was swimming in college, every year the parents would get us a gift before conference (at the time it was PAC 10′s, now it’s PAC 12′s). My junior year the parents  gave all the girls a red pair of converse. It was an amazing feeling walking into the pool as a team and the matching footwear was the cherry on top. Even though two pregnancies have taken their toll on these size 6 feet, they still fit. I wear these babies whenever I get the chance.

Now….since I’ve got this “no pants for lent thing” going on, I had to figure out how to still wear my chucks! Then I remembered a really cute dress from Urban Outfitters that was hanging out in my closet and decided it was just asking to be worn with my converse.

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCI love the cut and flare of this dress! It hides my pregnancy “leftovers” pretty well.

Unfortunately Urban only has one pattern and one size left in this dress that you can find here. If you’re curious about the length, I’m 5’6. Hopefully that helps because the model on the website must be a giant. For similar dresses see here, here, and here.

I will wear these shoes until they have holes. And then I’ll buy a new pair and pretend they’re the same pair. You know. The old dead goldfish swap.

Well on that delightful note…. Time for another cup of coffee. Woot!

Summer Weddings


Short little post this morning to go with your cup of coffee! We are finally feeling normal again after the craziness that was this weekend. Andrew worked a half day yesterday which meant the boys were totally off schedule and that meant I was off schedule too haha. But it was nice because Andrew watched the boys while I ran some errands. I am so ridiculously fast when I don’t have the boys with me! I swear I did everything in record time.

Anywho… just wanted to take some time this morning and share with you a couple wedding invites we received in the mail recently. Both invites are very different but reflect the two couples well. These invites came within a day of each other and I am super excited for May and June! With so many options out there it is fun to see the type of invites that a couple decides on.


 This first invite is so classic and elegant! I felt super important opening the envelope haha. The blush pink paired with the black is just so stunning!


This invite is so cute! My favorite part is the response card which includes some fun ad libs for the the bride and groom to read! And how adorable is the bicycle for two?! Love it.

Let the fun begin!

Easter Brunch Trea..




One of my favorite memories growing up is Easter brunch. Since I can remember (3? 4?) every Easter is celebrated with a big brunch. Sometimes we would go to a resort for brunch and sometimes we would just make it at home as a family. When we were living in San Antonio we would always go to the Hill Country Hyatt. After eating we would walk the grounds of the resort and just enjoy the day as a family. The Hyatt has a giant lazy river and every year we would try to convince my parents to let us just jump in and swim. Finally, it was our last year in San Antonio and my grandparents flew in to celebrate Easter with us. After our annual brunch my parents surprised us by announcing that we would get the spend the rest of the day at the pool. Such a sweet memory.

Another year there was someone dressed as a giant Easter bunny walking around greeting guests. My younger sister Gabriela was terrified. I mean absolutely positively terrified of that giant bunny. Looking back at the pictures from that day I can understand her horror a little better. Then when I was in high school, we started making our own big Easter brunches at home. Just so many wonderful memories! Like my Dad going out to buy a waffle iron just so we could have waffles at our brunch. I hope to give my family the same kind of precious memories…

That is why I was so excited when Treat sent me an email about styling some cards! They provided some beautiful cards that I used to create a center piece and decorate the serving table with. This shoot was so much fun. Most of the pictures were taken during nap time but as soon as the boys were awake, I pulled them into the shenanigans!








I seriously had way too much fun putting this together! What a wonderful way to celebrate Easter! Putting all of this together was so easy. Again, everything I did was easily achieved during nap time. I’ll have a “behind the scenes” post about the brunch soon, but for now, here is where you can find what I used…

Cards -Treat

Frames and Bottles (spray painted gold) – Michaels

Flowers – Michaels

Garland (front of the table) – Studio Mucci

Party Decor – Oh Joy for Target


*All ideas and opinions in the post are completely my own. The cards were c/o Treat. Thank you for supporting the companies that support me!*

Five Favorites Vol..


This no shopping for Lent thing is killing me….. Does that mean I’m doing it right? Anyway, for my Five Favorites I picked out things I currently have my eye on. Am I going to buy ALL the things after Easter? No that would be silly. Just consider this my current wish list. Items will be crossed off at a reasonable rate haha. Pictures are linked to their lovely sources!

1) Nap Time Diaries.

Slide1_8fa96db6-b629-4ef0-8aaf-6de0515f564d_largeI love this print. The verse, the colors, everything!

2) Tulle!!Screen_shot_2014-03-03_at_12.57.22_PM_1024x1024Isn’t this peachy color amazing! The yellow and lavender have also stolen my heart…

3) Sandals.

SandalsIn Arizona you’re wearing sandals 10 months out of the year. Needless to say, my current sandals are worn thin and now it’s time to pick out a pair for SuMmEr 2o14! #memz #love (<– Joking about that last part. I hope you knew that but just in case you didn’t…)

4. Coffee Mugs.mugsThese beauties are on sale over at Anthro. I really want to mix up my mugs. Right now all my coffee cups are boring. I want some colorful ones for my Instagram pictures duh! (<–Not kidding).

5) Kimonos!

KimonoMy sister and I were joking about how when we see a kimono we automatically think of Mia Thermopolis’ mother from Princess Diaries. Any one else get that reference? Anyone? Buller? I really want one! Or five.

Ok. Back to work! I have a really big post going live tomorrow that you don’t want to miss!!! Oh and don’t forget to stop by and say hi to Hallie!